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NOTICE: This trading system is no longer being updated due to contractual obligations.  Thank you.

Trading FAQs

Can I become a millionaire overnight by trading your trade-signals?
Unfortunately, not. If you want to become a millionaire overnight you should buy a lottery ticket, you will probably have a better chance than my portfolio trade-signals.
Can you invest on my behalf?

Sorry, I neither have time nor the patience to invest other people’s capital.

Do you trade forex?

No. Risk and leverage involved in forex trading is very high and makes me uncomfortable.

Do you use “blackbox” trading systems that are advertised on the internet?

No, I do not use any blackbox trading systems. The algorithm was designed and coded by me, using my knowledge and understanding of mathematics and technical analysis.

How are the trade-signals generated?

The buy-sell signals are generated by an algorithm. The algorithm has been coded into a software and it runs on its own and is automated to run once everday.

How can I trust you?

You should not trust me. The performance results are available on the website. The actual trade list from a trading account is available along with the trades. The trade-signals are made available daily. Analyse the information provided, make a decision and trust your decision.

How long do you hold OPEN positions for?

There is no specific time duration as such. Each position is usually opened with a trailing-stoploss, so the position is liquidated when either the trailing-stoploss gets hit or when the algo-trading system generates a SELL signal.

How long should I trade your trade-signals?

First and foremost, you will not become a overnight millionaire by trading my portfolio trade-signals. It was predominantly designed for low-risk and consistent return. You can trade my portfolio trade-signals as long as you want.

How many positions does your system trade?

It can have upto 10 open positions and no more. Some days it will have no open positions and some days it might have less than 10 but the maximum limit is 10.

Who is your broker?

I use Interactive Brokers because they provide cheap brokerage and API (for automation) functionalities. I neither have any any referral affiliation to them nor receive anything in return for putting up their link on my website.

Why are you giving away trade-signals for FREE?

I have a day job that pays me sufficient salary. The automated trading algorithms that I have developed are currently trading “LIVE” on two different stock exchanges and also act as a hedge between different currencies. Hence, I can afford to give away these trade-signals for FREE of cost.

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