I am a portfolio trader, who uses low-risk strategies for automated short-term stock trading in various markets.

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I am a computer scientist, with a PhD. I have a day job. I started trading because I wanted to safegaurd my capital. Initially, I started buying and selling stocks based on some limited knowledge of the stock market i.e. trading as most people do. I did not enjoy it very much, it was boring. Moreover, reading quarterly reports of companies was not my cup of tea. Trading had to be on a medium term basis i.e. buy and hold for months before deciding to sell, because it was not feasible for me to sit in front of the computer screen trading every day. I wanted to exploit the volatility in the markets which meant I had to trade short term. I took fancy to technical analysis and it made more sense to me. I decided to use my knowledge and experience of mathematics and programming to write software to perform automated analysis of stocks and to generate short-term trade-signals.

I have been using my automated trading system for a few years now. I want to share my trades, so others can benefit from it. I built this website in order to provide safe and secure delivery of my trades to people who are interested in it. Through my blog-posts, I share my opinion and understanding of automated trading, psychological aspects of trading, personal finances etc. Previously, I was offering daily trade-signals for NSE (India) market but not anymore. I intend to offer daily trade-signals for NASDAQ (US) in the near future.

Please feel free to contact me via the contacts page if you have any comments or questions.

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