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It’s been a while since my first post on our Networth, so decided to write up an update post.

Before I delve into networth index, lets re-cap what is networth and how is it calculated. Networth is sum of your assets (excluding debts) at any given point in time.

Networth = Total value of assets – Total value of debts

The index is quite simple, networth as of first date of record keeping is considered as a reference or baseline for the rest of the series. If is the net-worth as of first date of record keeping, then networth index as of today NW = y / x , where y = networth as of that month.

This is our latest networth index chart.

The Portfolio Trader – Networth Index

So, what is the networth index chart telling us? If you had $100 as of July 2011, it would be $1500 as of February 2021. This is the most simplistic index ever. This time around, I have included month-on-month growth percentage. In absolute percentages, the compounded growth is approximately 1415%.

Last time I posted our networth, the index was hovering around 1200 and that was circa February 2020. Now it is hovering around 1500, approx. 25% growth year-on-year, not too shabby by any standard I would say. Of course, I will not be comparing this to $bitcoin holders and $Afterpay longs because that will make me look like a loser.

Since the last post, few things have happened. Firstly, all our assets have now moved over to trust structure and secondly, I opened an account with fund manager who specializes in credit markets and an account with a boutique stock broker. Thirdly, I along with a business partner have decided to start a small business late last year. It is progressing at a lot slower pace than my liking. Fingers crossed, that by mid year rubber will hit the bitumen.

The credit markets fund manager, with whom I opened an account recently with, is an interesting case. I am very skeptical of fund managers hence I do not open accounts with any fund manager. I usually follow the fund manager/s (via their website, news articles, blogs, twitter, etc) for a fairly long time, ranging from three to five years. If I like their style and the way of thinking, then it’s a go. However with this one it’s a bit different. That is, I personally am not a fan of this fund manager. In terms of markets, his thinking is quite opposite to the way I think. Therefore, his ideas always rub me the wrong way. So much so that he has blocked me on twitter! I have not met him person but most likely I would not like him in person too. Having said all that, he is consistent with his message and his returns. So, after five years of stalking, I have finally opened an account with him.

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