How are the trade-signals generated?

The buy-sell signals are generated by an algorithm. The algorithm has been coded into a software and it runs on its own and is automated to run once everday.

How can I trust you?

You should not trust me. The performance results are available on the website. The actual trade list from a trading account is available along with the trades. The trade-signals are made available daily. Analyse the …

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How long should I trade your trade-signals?

First and foremost, you will not become a overnight millionaire by trading my portfolio trade-signals. It was predominantly designed for low-risk and consistent return. You can trade my portfolio trade-signals as long as you want.

How long do you hold OPEN positions for?

There is no specific time duration as such. Each position is usually opened with a trailing-stoploss, so the position is liquidated when either the trailing-stoploss gets hit or when the algo-trading system generates a SELL …

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