Automated Trader for The Chartist

NOTICE: We have not updated this software since The Chartist redesigned the way they deliver their trades. This software may not work anymore. Thank you.

Automated Trader for The Chartist software is for trading US Power Setups provided by The Chartist. The software is provided FREE OF COST.

The software comes with:

  • Host of simplified features for trading with Interactive Brokers
  • Facility to handle multiple trading accounts
  • Always in-sync with Interactive Brokers servers
  • Ease of use
  • Customisable options
  • One click process for downloading, processing, placing and reporting of The Chartist‘s US Power Setups (activation license key required)
  • Active monitoring of placed orders (useful if you are using Margin account)
  • Order Shuffling (useful if you are using Non-Margin account)
  • Facility to place delayed orders [coming soon]
  • Set and forget hands-free feature for performing the one-click process automatically everyday at a designated time [disabled feature]


  • Windows operating systems ( XP or higher)
  • .NET Environment (usually Win7 onwards the operating systems comes pre-loaded with .NET environment)
  • Internet Explorer (version 9 or higher)
  • stable Internet connection (minimum speed 500kbps)
  • Account with Interactive Brokers for trading
  • Interactive Brokers Trader Workstation or Gateway()
  • Subscription to The Chartist‘s [US Power Setups (required only if you wish to use The Chartist auto-trade feature)

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How To” instruction manual: Click here

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  • Please use a valid email address while registering to download the software.
  • License key will be generated and emailed to your email address. You will have to input this license key when prompted during the first run.
  • Active Monitoring: Current implementation only Cancels remaining BUY orders if the condition is satisfied. Users should be aware that it currently does not SELL excess filled orders. As the BUY orders are LMT orders, there is very low probability of number of filled positions exceeding the max. positions however do keep an eye out and manually liquidate excess filled positions whenever possible. Next version of the software will have the ability to automatically sell excess filled positions.
  • Use first on your Paper Trading account: We advise users to first use this software on their demo or paper trading account and transition to actual trading account only after they are convinced that the software is doing what they expect the software to do.
  • Be aware that Active Monitoring, if enabled, might interfere with orders other than The Chartist’s orders if those other orders were placed via this software
  • In case you want to run this software on multiple computers then increase the number of license’s required during the registration process or contact for assistance.
  • Dependency on Internet Explorer is temporary, I have included it so that the user can visualise the website login and file access actions.
  •  This application should run fine on LINUX and OS X/Mac OS via Mono. Due to the dependency of this version on Internet Explorer it might be a difficult ask. I have not tested this thoroughly. Contact if you want me to perform a thorough testing on LINUX or OS X/Mac OS. Next version of this software will not have Internet Explorer dependency.
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